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Here is the comparison of SEOCMS & other paid CMS.
  • Price
  • Speed
    We tested  other CMS with seocms.
  • Support
    Here is our & other's support
  • Tools
    Here is compare of tools
  • Extra Tools
    What we have other integrated tools!
  • $99

    SEOCMS/ Lifetime
  • Superfast 0.98 secondComplete load
  • Free of cost including installationAnd teaching
  • All For BloggersBuilt for bloggers
  • Affiliate Marketing ScrapperGet any product
  • $149

    Other CMS/ Monthly
  • Speed 1.6 secondComplete load
  • They are charging peopleFor support & no installation
  • Mostly CRM basedBuilt for all
  • Not possibleThey don't have it!

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