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SEOCMS is search engine optimization content management system
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Why SEOCMS when you have other CMS available?
Your question is legit, but we have an answer.
Always go for unique. Amazon is successful because it was unique and aim was simple, Sell things online when no one was selling online.
WordPress may serve your purpose but with complications. You won't get everything at the same place.
Our sole purpose is to build a SEO Oriented CMS with Affiliate features.

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Fastest CMS

We have built SEOCMS for amazing user experience and the only way to figure this out is fast speed and load time. A fresh SEOCMS with no post takes only 1.2s for complete loading with PageSpeed Score of 98%.

Integrated SEO Tools

Our main purpose is provide every SEO Tool in one place with live accurate data. We have integrated Backlink checker, SERP Checker, Keyword Suggestion, Keyword Research Tool & more.

Amazon Affiliate

SEOCMS's affiliate tool can create the Amazon/Flipkart product with your affiliate link. You just need to paste the affiliate product URL and it will fetch all necessary product data and create a fresh post automatically for you.

SEOCMS Tools & features

Here is the list of rich SEOCMS tools and features we serve


Until now, we have a single yet cheapest plan with all the inbuilt SEO features.

  • One time Installation
  • Secure Admin Panel
  • Multipurpose CMS (Blog with Custom Landing page)
  • Over 70 options for customize index page design
  • Blog post customization (Left, Right, Middle)
  • Automatic image compression
  • One click email send to all subscribers
  • Attractive & Responsive Blog Design
  • Fast Load Speed (1.1 second to load)
  • Custom Meta Tags for each blog post
  • Connecting Bing, Google, Yandex Webmaster
  • Auto setup of robots.txt
  • Auto setup of Sitemap
  • Custom indexing & De-indexing options
  • Create Post with Rich Text Editor
  • Drag and Drop Image Option
  • Edit & Resize Image in Editor
  • Auto image optimization (Will auto reduce size not quality)
  • Custom & Readable Post URL (Can edit by specify the keyword)
  • Categorize Blog Posts
  • Specify Focus Keyword for Post
  • Custom Meta Description for Post/Category/User/Blog
  • Auto Checker - Keyword Appeared in Post Heading
  • Auto Checker - Keyword is not used inside Post URL
  • Auto Checker - Keyword used inside Meta Description
  • Auto Checker - How much time keyword appear in the post
  • Auto Checker - Auto Keyword Density checker
  • Auto Checker - H2, H3, H4 tags are available or not
  • Auto Checker - Keyword in image alt text
  • Auto Checker - How much time keyword appear in the content
  • Auto Checker - Post URL Length suggester
  • Auto Checker - Long paragraph checker
  • Auto Checker - Post Word counter
  • Auto Checker - External linking
  • Auto Checker - Internal linking
  • Auto Checker - Images appear in content or not
  • Featured Image for each post
  • Save post in draft for late publish
  • Preview post in draft mode
  • Advance SEO options
  • Checker - Canonical URL (Default: yes)
  • Checker - Post to appear on sitemap
  • Checker - Do not allow Search Engines to crawl this page (Default: Show)
  • Checker - Allow Facebook Meta tags (Default: Show)
  • Checker - Allow Twitter Meta tags (Default: Show)
  • Checker - Allow Schema tag (Default: No)
  • Integrate Disqus commenting system in a minute
  • Set Custom index for Category
  • Subscribe form
  • Subscribers list
  • Add user with multiple roles
  • Set Site title (For homepage)
  • Set Site name
  • Set Site logo
  • Set custom Site favicon
  • Set Meta description for website
  • Backlink checker (Using Moz API)
  • Moz Link metrics
  • Moz Link Domain rating
  • Moz Backlink status
  • Export any table data in Excel or PDF
  • Webmaster integration
  • Option to add Google Adsense Code
  • Option to add Google Analytics code
  • Inbuilt Keyword Research
  • Keyword search volume
  • Keyword cost per click
  • Keyword competiton
  • Keyword ranking difficulty
  • Total results of keyword In Google
  • Keywords export option
  • Related keywords with all data.
  • Keyword suggestion 1000 in 1 minute
  • Keyword suggestion data export (PDF, Excel) & sort option
  • SERP checker
  • Checker SERP ranking for 100+ countries
  • Choose language for SERP ranking for better results
  • Check upto five pages of SERP Result
  • Sitemap Customized Options
  • Update Sitemap in one click
  • Submit Sitemap to Google/Bing in one click
  • Affiliate Post
  • Create automatically post from Amazon or flipkart affilliate link within 10 seconds
  • Get Title, Image, Size, Summary, Specification, Detail, Feature (Affiliate post)
  • SMTP Connectivity (Gmail Or Any)
  • Keyword Questions Generator
  • Keyword Questiongs from twitter, playstore and more platforms
  • Check unlimited website's Alexa Rank
  • Get Visitor's metrics in Admin panel
  • Documention - Purpose & How to Use SEO tools

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Frequently Asked Questions

You Ask, We Answer!

What Is The Best CMS For SEO

The best CMS for SEO is SEOCMS because it has every feature & tool. Which can help to rank blog posts rapidly and also SEO CMS provides auto SEO optimization with integrated SEO Tools like: Keyword Research, Keyword Suggestion, Keyword Questions, Backlink Checker, SERP Checker & Alexa rank checker.

Installing SEOCMS is very easy, you just need to follow few steps as mentioned in our blog - How to Install SEOCMS and that's it.

Though the services are up to the mark, we always look at the price. If you are thinking to create your own blog, then you have WordPress which is free of cost. But maintaining the SEO for your blog is a huge task. With SEOCMS, You will get everything optimized such as Website design, Website speed, Sitemaps, Robots and other SEO Parameters. SEOCMS has integrated keyword research tool,, Keyword suggestion tool, Keyword Question generator tool, Backlink checker tool, SERP checker, Alexa Rank Checker, Amazon/Flipkart affiliate post builder, Webmaster tools, Auto SEO optimization System and more. Another bonus is free support for one year and updates for six months.

SEOCMS is similar to WordPress, but those who wants extraordinary solutions or alternate, then SEOCMS is the best. The main purpose of SEOCMS is to rank clients, higher than ever. You can earn money With SEOCMS by writing relevant blog posts, provide complete details of chosen keyword, provide everything to the visitor about keyword (topic) and drive your traffic through search engines organically. You can use Google Adsense ads or custom banner ads to start your earning.
Another bonus you have is our Affiliate Post builder feature. You can create a post with your Amazon or Flipkart affiliate URL. You just have to paste that link and our Affiliate post will fetch overall data of a product and then you can edit, draft and Publish the post.

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