6 Microblog Platform With SEO Optimization Guide Step By Step

6 Microblog Platform With SEO Optimization Guide Step By Step

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Microblog platform simply mean place where an individual person can write content & manage everything easily, place such as WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Tumblr, Medium & more. Another fact is microblogging are used mostly in occasions like, New Year, Christmas & more. Because the microblogging bloggers want quick traffic easily without doing many efforts & some of them are making huge money doing this.

Now the question is which microblog platform is easy & SEO friendly? So, there are two kind people, First those who want to engage audience with Social Media & Second who want to get people through search engine doing SEO.

What Are The Best Microblog Platform?

Microblog Platform

It actually depends on the intent & goal, If you are doing this for SEO then there could be some different CMS or say Microblog Platform or if you want to engage people from Social Media then different.

So I am sharing here 1st the best SEO friendly microblogging platforms.


SEOCMS is stand for search engine optimization content management system, The purpose of SEOCMS is to create a blog with providing overall SEO tools & integrated SEO optimization tool. SEOCMS is a premium content management system because it has all premium integrated SEO tools. You have to pay one time fee for getting license which is only $150.


  1. Fast speed
  2. SEO Friendly
  3. Integrated SEO tools
  4. Unique
  5. Easy to manage

2. WordPress

This is the most famous CMS when it comes to create a Microblog, It is free of cost. It is little hard to manage alone but yes it's recommended microblog platform. Here you have to use third party plugins to manage SEO for your microblog site. 


  1. Free of cost
  2. One time installation
  3. Very famous & trusted
  4. Can use in multipurpose
  5. Self-hosted & free website both options

3. Medium

This is my famous microblog platform because it's very friendly with search engine optimization, As I have seen some of micro bloggers have ranked their blog pages in a day with medium. It's free & paid both but you can start with Free version. I will share the tips below, How to rank with microblog!


  1. High authority
  2. Fast rankings
  3. Free & paid both
  4. Very easy to manage
  5. Only for blogs

4. Wix

Wix is a multipurpose website creating site, You can use it as a microblog platform. It has free & paid both version available. Will not recommend for starting a microblog with Wix because it's not much SEO friendly but yes, If you want to engage with social media audience then Wix is good choice.


  1. Multipurpose
  2. Quick setup
  3. Easy to manage
  4. Free & paid both version
  5. Allowing every niche

5. Tumblr

If you want ranking worldwide then Tumblr as microblog platform is highly recommend, You can easily create a microblog with Tumblr, To creating an account. It's free of cost! As I have seen many micro bloggers using Tumblr with Pinterest. They're usually creating a blog with hosting quotes or images and then pining those images on Pinterest. So it drives traffic from both places and increasing ranking efficiency.


  1. Microblog Platform
  2. Easy to create a blog
  3. Fast in speed
  4. Free of cost
  5. Global rankings

6. Blogger

It is the oldest microblog platform and still the best one, If you know how to use it. This is Google's own platform to create any kind of blog for free. Best one when it comes to optimize for SEO & really very easy to create a microblog.


  1. SEO Friendly
  2. Very easy
  3. Multiple or custom templates option
  4. Famous & truste

I believe these microblog platforms are enough to start a microblog for free or paid as well. Now how what are the SEO optimization tips for a microblog?

Microblog Platform SEO Optimization Tips

First thing you have to follow is find an opportunity for an example, suppose next week is Christmas, Which is very famous worldwide occasion & thousands of people searching for quotes, images, greetings in the search engines. So here you have to find the keyword & domain to rank at top.

Keyword Research

christmas 2020 quotes

Here you just do a search with adding year before or after the keyword.


  1. New year 2021 quotes
  2. New year quotes 2021
  3. Happy New Year 2021 Greetings
  4. 2021 New Year Wishes

If I want quotes for new year then first thing I will do is search these keywords in search engine & will find out some best quotes.

Domain Find

Now you do open Godaddy if you want to create a blog with SEOCMS or WordPress which offers self-hosted microblog options Or simply alternatives are medium, blogger, tumblr, wix which are free of cost too.

Now if you have picked a keyword for your microblog like:  New year 2021 quotes. 

Then you should create a domain like:



These methods 100% working to rank a microblog, Rapidly!


Check SEOCMS DEMO it's free of cost.

I hope you like our Microblog Platform post and SEO optimization tips. It will definitely help you.